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10 Home Staging Tips To Help You Get The Sale (A Free Service To My Sellers)

Home staging refers to the technique of decorating to showcase a private residence’s best assets in order to emotionally appeal to different potential buyers to sell quickly to the highest bidder.

We all know that first impressions count, particularly in today’s digital world. Buying a home is mostly an emotional choice, so styling could persuade buyers to offer immediately as they can imagine themselves living there.

Home staging goes beyond cleaning, painting, de-cluttering and sorting out minor repairs and replacements. Home stylers like myself specialise in showing off the best parts of your home by re-arranging existing furniture and accessories to accentuate the rooms so it can emotionally appeal to various buyers.

I offer my sellers free staging by adding a few essential highlights like cushions, carpets, bed throws and indoor plants to brighten up your current décor, this excludes furniture. It adds massive appeal to the photography and ensures more buyer interest/viewings, resulting in a higher sales price and a quicker sale.

10 Home Staging Tips to Help You Get the Highest Sale Price

1. Maximizing the Interior Space of Your Rooms

Maximizing the interior space will require you to place unused/excess furniture and accessories in your garage or storage unit. This will make the rooms look larger and hence showcase their purpose.

2. Brightening Your Interior

Brighten your home’s interior space by removing window screens, opening all the shades, and washing the windows. You should also make sure all the light fittings are clean and in good working order.

3. Applying Paint on the Walls

If possible, apply a fresh coat of paint to your walls, preferably in a neutral, popular colour. Accent walls could put buyers off, so keep all walls neutral throughout the home. This will ensure that your home will look a lot more modern and appealing to buyers.

4. Removing Excess Clutter

Get rid of anything that you haven’t been using and don’t intend to take to your new destination before entering the market. Sell or donate the items to charity. It is vital to clear clutter off dressers and countertops, file paperwork and to organise cabinets and closets. Buyers do want to look inside cupboards to ensure it meets their needs, so be prepared. If you have a small cupboard or walk in robes in your bedrooms, ensure that you remove half of the clutter so the space appears bigger.

5. Give Your Property a Thorough Clean

Ensure that your home is sparkly clean – inside and out. Give extra attention to all the little things that you would normally overlook in a general clean. Make a list of every room or area and note down what needs to be done. Work through and tick off the boxes as you go to ensure that you don’t miss anything. If you cannot do it all yourself, ask friends for help or contract a professional cleaner. Note that your kitchen and bathrooms need extra attention as these areas can be a deal breaker if not spotless and fresh. Ensure your garden is lush and green and filled with colour. Get rid of all cobwebs and make your outdoor entertainment areas as attractive as possible.

6. De-Personalise Your Home

De-personalise your home by removing family heirlooms, personal photos and even some paintings that may offend. Your taste may not be the same as the buyers’ and the whole idea is to ensure that they can visualise themselves in the space adequately enough to put in an offer.

7. Deodorise Your Home

Get rid of any traces of litter boxes and pet bedding, mildew, old cooking smells and cigarette smoke first. This is very important and is often one of the biggest negatives encountered by prospective buyers. If you are going to use an air freshener, ensure that the smell is subtle, natural and fresh and not overwhelming. Incense is not a good idea as it can be overpowering and many people are allergic to it. A simple drop of vanilla in a heated oven should do the job nicely.

8. Removing and Replacing Chattels

If there are any fixtures or fittings that you would like to exclude from the sale, remove and replace them before going to market. Ensure that whatever the buyers see when viewing, is exactly what they’ll get.

9. Patching and Repairing

Tackle the tiny holes, scratches and marks which might signal neglect. Repair what needs to be repaired before inviting potential buyers through. Most buyers are not interested in spending a lot of time and money on repairs when buying a home. An immaculate home will get an offer sooner and at a higher price. 

10. Create an Attractive Curb Appeal

Once buyers notice your property advert and are interested, their first reaction would normally be to drive past the property. Ensure that your yard is immaculate and attractive. Trim shrubs, mulch your garden beds and add colour to your garden and patio with pots and plants. If there are oil stains on your driveway, remove it. Ensure your curb appeal is fresh and inviting and makes your home look loved. First impression is extremely important – if they’re not impressed with your curb appeal, you’ve lost the opportunity of a sale to that buyer. 

If you are considering selling a property in Albany, Mount Barker, Denmark or Walpole areas, please contact me or call me to discuss your needs. Consultation, advice and appraisals are free of charge, with no obligation or harassment – ever.