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Instant Stamp Duty Calculator

Quickly view and calculate your stamp duty, mortgage registration fees and transfer fees payable on your new house or land purchase in WA.

Enter the property’s value at the top.

1. Property Type – primary residence or an investment

2. Are you a first home buyer or not

3. Are you purchasing an established home, a new home or vacant land

4. Property Location – we’re in the south 26th parallel (from Kalbari down)

*The 26th Parallel is a line that divides Australia from east to west. It begins at Shark Bay in WA and becomes the boundary between South Australia and the Northern Territory. If you live anywhere south of the line, like Perth and Albany, it’s regarded as “below the 26th parallel”, and if you live north of this point, you are considered “above the 26th parallel”.

5. Are you a Foreigner? Yes or No

Remember to update the calculator every time you change anything on the form.

You’re welcome!