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Tips On How To Get The Highest Price – Quickly

1. Building Trust to Ensure Transparency and Buyer Confidence

Selling real estate successfully is all about building trust between the agent and their sellers on the one side – and potential buyers on the other.

Most of us experienced arriving keenly for a viewing only to find that the home was not what we expected or suitable to our needs… The long galley kitchen was tiny, and the main bedroom that looked king-sized in the photos is, in fact, a double bedroom—and not a word was mentioned in the write-up about the amount of maintenance the property needed.

Savvy agents ensure that potential buyers know as much about the property as possible – before they book a viewing. This means ALL the facts about the property and its location – of course, highlighting the best parts, but it’s also necessary to show the “not so wonderful” aspects of the property as well in order to establish trust – and buyer confidence. Once they’re aware of everything, they usually brush off the potential negatives at viewings as “nothing too serious”, then spend their time concentrating on the many positives. With all the information received beforehand, they know enough about the property to quickly decide if they’re interested after the viewing – and ready to make an offer.

2. Progressive & Effective Online Marketing

Traditional marketing practices nowadays have limited merits as concentrated online marketing has been proven to be a lot more effective as well as cost-effective – and a much more convenient option for sellers, buyers and agents. I’m a certified social media marketer, which allows me to target specific buyer types on social media that my sellers and I deem suitable for each individual property. The high-quality, live drone videos get a massive amount of buyer attention online (literally 1,000s to 10’s 1 000s of views over the marketing period). The highest number of viewing hits recorded thus far for a single property was around 42,000 within a 6-week campaign.

It’s quick, convenient and easy for people to have a detailed look at the property on offer – without reading a word. If interested, they can click a direct link to all of the property’s information on my own website. Here, they will find between 50 to 250 photos of the property, read a very detailed and honest write-up that covers most of their potential questions, connect with me for a chat, book a viewing or request a copy of the house plans, etc. Wouldn’t you love to have all this information available about a property if you were a buyer?

Using progressive methods and state-of-the-art technology, I proactively look for buyers for each property. I work closely with my sellers to achieve the ultimate goal – the highest possible price as quickly as possible.

3. Online Networking

It’s customary for real estate agents to form networks to expand their reach. It’s also common practice for smaller, independent agencies like mine to operate in partnership with a large national company like @realty, which, in essence, is a service provider with state-of-the-art equipment and highly specialised, forward-thinking staff including property lawyers, marketers, financiers, accountants and settlement agents, ready to back us up. They offer up-to-date training to ensure that their agents are ahead of the curve with the very latest marketing practices and modern technology. Affiliated agents and agencies in Australia and New Zealand share databases which allows them to match their buyers with others’ listings. I might be a solo agent in Albany, but I’m backed by incredibly skilled staff and hundreds of highly experienced, successful agents like myself in an enormous, well-functioning network.

4. Long Distance Brokering

Thanks to technology and the Internet, distance is irrelevant in that buyers with the means and intent to buy a property anywhere can do so with ease. If Covid taught us one thing, it’s the importance of easily connecting with buyers anywhere on the planet. Yes, the usual email, video and chat apps help facilitate long-distance brokering, but these days, buyers expect a little more than the basics in order to commit. 

Ensure your agent can cross-promote a listing to a network that reaches buyers nationally and internationally, not just in WA. We have seen a huge migration from mostly over east to WA in the last few years. On top of all the usual technology, I also offer highly professional live drone videos to ensure buyer confidence. The video (not an aerial photograph) typically covers the property, the area around it and even attractions in the area – and it’s live – so what they see is exactly what it is. This under-3-minute video is also on all 14 national web search engines as well as international search sites. This enormously helps with buyer confidence and commitment, especially if we expect people to travel from Perth or other WA areas – or fly over from another state to view the property. I’ve had immense success selling “sight unseen” – especially lifestyle and higher priced properties – due to the live drone videos, hundreds of professional photos per property and honest write-ups. Buyer trust and confidence that the marketing of a property is believable is crucial to setting the sales process in motion, leading to quick and higher offers for my sellers.

There’s no doubt about it: all buyers actively search online for properties, and contrary to what you might have been told, they don’t belong to a specific rep or agency like they did in the old days. Whether you have 1 or 15 reps at an agency has become almost obsolete where buyers are concerned. If a property is suitable to a buyer’s needs, they should contact the listing agent, or they will risk missing out – it’s as simple as that. Most of us, including myself, won’t easily conjunct with other agents in the first week or two if we have a considerable interest in a property and numerous buyers lined up for viewings already. Why? 1. because we have to share a % of our success fee with the other agent if we conjunct, and 2. we all know that serious buyers will find the property online anyway and contact us for a viewing. In the current market of under-supply properties (2023/2024), buyers who wait to view a popular property with anyone other than the listing agent will be left waiting.

5. Acting in the Best Interest of our Clients

Our jobs as agents are to act in our sellers’ very best interest – legally, financially and emotionally. The sales process can be highly stressful for sellers, especially if your agent insists on doing home opens every weekend to promote themselves in the area and show that they’re “actively” trying to sell the property. The constant home opens, and disappointing feedback is used as “proof” that they’re actively trying – but in reality, it’s most often a psychological game to get an overinflated appraisal price down, promote the company and rep, and the odd chance to get more listings in the area due to stickybeak-viewers. Once they get a property listing due to the seller’s greed, the psychological warfare begins. The stress and inconvenience of constant home opens and negative feedback is a ploy we’ve used for decades. Every time you drop your price, you increase buyers’ opportunities to negotiate further. Usually, the sellers get so frustrated and stressed that they would look at almost any offer – often less than deserved. It’s an outdated practice in Albany as we all advertise online these days, allowing us to vet buyers before taking them to a home. Our focus should be on our sellers and what’s best for them. Surely, bringing only qualified buyers through is far less disruptive and a lot less stressful for everyone – especially if you have a family and pets.

It will serve sellers well when they choose a proactive, modern agent that uses state-of-the-art technology and progressive marketing techniques to achieve their clients’ goals: the highest possible price as quickly as possible – with minimum disruption to their lives. The old mantra still rings true: The quicker you sell, the higher your offered price will likely be. Ensure that your asking price is realistic in the current market. Think twice if one of your appraisals is much higher than the others. Ensure that your listing agent offers you the very best chance of receiving the highest offer – thousands of your hard-earned dollars are at stake.

If you’re considering selling, read my useful seller-related blogs on this website. I share 25+ years of real estate sales experience, valuable information and helpful tips for free, which could add $1,000s to your offered price.

If you are considering selling a property in the Albany, Mount Barker, Denmark, or Walpole areas, please contact or call me to discuss your needs. Consultation, advice, and appraisals are free of charge, with no obligation or harassment—ever.