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Virtual Property Appraisals – What is it and How Does it Work?

A virtual appraisal is a quick, convenient alternative for sellers to get an initial assessment of their property value from an agent like myself. It’s a lot quicker than an in-person appraisal and a great first step to discovering what your asset could sell for in the current market – and it’s free!  All you will need for the virtual appraisal is an internet connection and a phone with a camera.

A virtual appraisal is done through a video call where the seller takes me through an online walkthrough as if I were physically in their home. This will allow me to appraise your property and other factors more accurately than solely searching property sites for comparisons.

You might have a recently built home or might have done alterations/upgrades since you’ve owned the property. You could also have special features that will influence the price upward that won’t reflect on our specialised online property search platforms, such as a gorgeous outdoor entertainment area, lovely views or a stunning garden. Alternatively, the home might be less valuable than our online comparisons. It might need a lot of maintenance or lack council approval for added garaging, sheds, patios, etc.

It’s abundantly clear that without this initial information, the usual comparative online data for an appraisal could be way off the mark. A conveniently quick virtual show and chat is a fantastic solution to avoid under or overpriced first appraisals. 

You will receive an appraisal report from me via email – usually within 48 hours of our first chat, detailing everything about your property, including a price estimate and recent comparable sales and listings in your area.

A virtual appraisal is an excellent tool if you’re thinking of selling but not yet ready to commit or purely need an update on your property’s value. It’s an informal way to chat with me and talk about my favourite subject – real estate. You can also judge if I’m the right kind of agent for your potential needs without any obligation, harassment or cost.

Please get in touch and book a time for a video call during which you will show me your property – inside and out.  Apps such as FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom can be used, so let me know your preferred platform.

If you want to move forward after the initial appraisal, we’ll arrange a face-to-face meeting to ensure that I’ve captured all the necessary data and to discuss your goals and motivation for selling in more detail.

The main advantages of virtual appraisals are:

  • Minimal tidying up or preparation is needed for sellers
  • Timesaving – the viewing could be completed in less than 15 minutes
  • More accurate data to avoid under- or overpriced appraisals
  • Very private, non-disruptive and less stressful for sellers
  • After-hour timeslots can easily be booked with me to suit your needs – any day of the week
  • It’s completely free of charge, with no obligation or harassment from me

I work very closely with my sellers, so I look forward to sharing our ideas on how to get the best possible results for you. My specialist areas are Albany, Mount Barker, Denmark and Walpole.

To book a free property appraisal (in person or virtually), please click the “Let’s Connect” button below.